Venezuela Population 2013

venezuela-population-2013Venezuela Population 2013

The current population of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is estimated to be about 29.28 million people, which is an increase of about 1.6% from the last record of population. The population has consistently been smaller than the population of both Argentina and Colombia. Based on the total land area and the population of the country, the population density of the country is about 82.7 people per square mile.

Demographics of Venezuela

The last census that was done where the population of Venezuela identified themselves asked the population to identify in regards to customs or ancestry. Because of this, the ethnic group or choice “mestizo” was not even an option, which is normally a fairly large ethnic group in Latin American populations. However, the largest answers to this question were about 50% identified as multiracial and about 42% identified as white. However, almost half of the population also identified as the term “Moreno”, which indicates dark-skinned instead of light-skinned. The rest of the population identified as African, Amerindian, or some member of an indigenous group. The largest indigenous group is considered to be the Wayuu group. The official language of the country is the Spanish language. However, over 40 languages are spoken due to the various indigenous populations and other cultures in the country.

Religion in Venezuela

The largest religion among the population of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is the Roman Catholic religion, making up over 90% of the population. About 8% of the population is considered to be a member of some Protestant denomination. There is also a very small community of Muslims in the country.

Sports in Venezuela

The three biggest sports in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela are baseball, football (American soccer), and tennis. The national baseball and football teams compete at a very competitive level among other national teams. Also, top very popular tennis events in the country are the Venezuelan Fed Cup and the Venezuelan Davis Cup.

Food in Venezuela

Venezuela has many popular main dishes that locals enjoy at breakfast, lunch and dinner time. But there’s also a range of desserts, sweets and drinks to enjoy in Venezuela. The cuisine in Venezuela has a lot of European influences (especially Italian, Spanish and French) and is quite flavourful. But you can also find indigenous as well as African influence. As Venezuela is such a large and diverse country, each region has its own distinctive regional cooking. You’ll also find a local feel to the foods you’ll eat in Venezuela. As you travel in Venezuela close to the coastline, you’ll find locals and tourists gravitating towards seafood and shellfish dishes . As you move into the highlands, the food ingredients tend to have more corn and rice in them. Meats of all types are very important parts of Venezuelan cuisine. You’ll find many Venezuelan dishes with beef, deer, goat, rabbit, lamb or chicken as well. Below is a guide to many of the best foods people in Venezuela enjoy for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between.

Venezuela Official Guide

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