Saudi Arabia Population 2013

saudi-arabia-population-2013Saudi Arabia Population 2013

The current population in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is estimated to be about 29.196 million people, which is an increase of about 4% from the last census taken in the country. The Saudi Arabian population has been consistently greater than the population of the United Arab Emirates, but less than the Iraq population. Based on the total land area and the total population of the country, the population density of Saudi Arabia is about 31 people per square mile.

Saudi Arabia Population Projections

Based on the high birth and low death rates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the population is expected to grow to over 30 million to 30.39 million by the year 2025, which would be an increase of about 4.1% from the current population. Then, by 2020, the population should reach 33.09 million people, which is a 13.3% increase from the current population of the country. By 2025, the population should reach about 35.5 million people, which would be an increase of about 21.5% from the current population. Continuing this large population growth in 2030, the population will reach about 37.6 million people, increasing by about 28.8% from the current population of the country. Then, in 2035, the population will reach 39.46 million people, an increase of about 35.2% from the current population of the country. Lastly, the population will top 40 million people by 2040, reaching about 41.04 million people, which is a total percent increase of 40.6% over the next 27 years.

Saudi Arabia Demographics

The ethnic make up of the country is fairly simple: 90% Arab and 10% Afro-Arab. Afro-Arab is defined as someone of mixed African and Arab ancestral descent. However, foreign nationals living in the country represent about 31% of the country. The top three foreign countries with representatives are India, Pakistan, and Egypt. There used to be a lot more Yemenis in the country before 1990 and 1991. However, about 800,000 Yemenis were expelled from the country. Also, Palestinians cannot be granted citizenship due to the Arab League.

Religion in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a country where the freedom of religion is not protected underneath the law. In fact, everyone is expected to follow and practice the Hanbali interpretation of Shari’ah law. There is only a small population of Shi’a Muslims in the country in the southern provinces. Even though there is still a minority of Shi’a Muslims, their right to practice their Shi’a Islam is not protected by government. However, King Abdullah has been attempting to bring forth religious pluralism, but has not made too many drastic policy changes to make any substantial difference.

Saudi Arabian Government

The government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a monarchy based on the religion Islam. The King of the country appoints a Crown Prince, who becomes the next in line to the throne. The King also is granted a Council of Ministers, which is made up of 22 ministries, similar to the United States Cabinet. Also, the Consultative Council is the legislative body of the country. Lastly, the judicial system is based on Shari’ah law since the official religion of the country is Islam. The King is also in charge of this judicial system.

Sports in Saudi Arabia

The most popular sport in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is soccer. Citizens of the country of all ages play soccer, including some playing in a professional league. The championship tournament of this league is known as the King’s Cup. Saudi Arabians also enjoy playing volleyball, basketball, swimming, and gymnastics. Lastly, golf is a very popular sport and has many golf courses that are popular around the world.

Health Care in Saudi Arabia

There is free health care provided to the general public by the Saudi Arabian health care network. The Ministry of Health, establishing the extensive health care network throughout the country, has accomplished most of this work. The government also provides subsidies to patient in order to receive cheaper and more affordable medications.

Saudi Arabia Demographic Challenges

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