World Population 2013

world-population-2013World Population 2013

The current world population in 2013 is 7,118,279,573. This population account is based off of calculations made using historical population data, birth rates, and mortality rates.

Scroll over the interactive map we have provided to see all the different continent populations across the globe.  Click on Africa, Australia, North America, South America, Asia, Europe, or Australia to learn more about the specific continental region  or use one of the links in the list below to explore further.

Continental Population

Rank Continent Population
1 Asia 4,140,000,000
2 Africa 1,033,000,000
3 Europe 739,000,000
4 North America 529,000,000
5 South America 386,000,000
6 Oceania (Australia) 36,000,000
7 Antarctica 4,000

World’s Largest Cities

Interactive World Population by Continent Map

Other Resources

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