Osaka Population 2013

osaka-population-2013Osaka Population 2013

The current population of the city of Osaka, Japan is estimated to be about 2,872,000, which is an increase of about 7.7% from the last record of the population. The city is the third most populous city in all of Japan and is not significant overall in the world population rankings. Based on the total land area and the total population of the city, the population density of Osaka is about 33,395 people per square mile.

Geography of Osaka

The city of Osaka is located on an island named Honshu, which is about 250 miles west-southwest of Tokyo. Due to the things such as canals and bridges, the city has been given the nickname the “Venice of Japan”. In fact, the city is at the mouth of the Vodo River on Osaka Bay. To reach Tokyo from Osaka, one can use the New Tokaido Line, which uses a bullet train that has been in operation since 1964. There are two main centers of the city: Kita and Minami. Kita is the area surrounding the business and retail districts. The entertainment area, including shopping districts, Triangle Park, and America Village, are all in Minami.

Economy of Osaka

The Gross Domestic Product of the city of Osaka makes up approximately 15% of the entire country’s GDP. In fact, it has the second highest GDP behind the city of Tokyo. The four top industries in the city are pharmaceuticals, machinery, electronics, which includes appliances, telecommunication equipment, and electronic components and devices, and metal products. The city of Osaka seems to fall second in everything to Tokyo, ranging from annual commercial sales, number of businesses and employees, number of patents, and the number of annual retail goods sales.

Sports in Osaka

Baseball is one of the most popular and iconic sports in the city of Osaka. Two of the major baseball teams are the Hanshin Tigers and Orix Baseball Club. Osaka Ballpark is the home stadium to both of these teams. The Tigers even won the league championship back in 2006. The city is well known for producing professional managers and coaches, even players. Another popular sport is football (American soccer). There are two teams based out of Osaka: Gamba Osaka and Cerezo Osaka. Gamba Osaka also won a league championship in 2005. Also, many players on these teams participate on the national team in the World Cup. Besides these popular sports, some play and love basketball, volleyball, Judo, and even table tennis. Many students like to participate in many sporting programs while in high school.

Museums in Osaka

Whether or not you enjoy science, art, history, or fish, the city of Osaka has some sort of museum that you can enjoy. The Osaka Museum of History, which is located near Osaka Castle Park, explains the history of Osaka. Peace Osaka is a museum dedicated to the experiences of those from Osaka (and even other areas in Asia) during World War II. The Osaka Science Museum is a great place to bring kids to learn about chemistry, electricity, or even the universe. The National Museum of Art is located in Osaka and it is an exhibit of Japanese and contemporary art. Lastly, the Osaka Aquarium has a 5,400 tank, intended to represent an ecosystem of the Pacific Ocean.

Traveling in Osaka

Historical Population of Osaka 

The population of Osaka has gone through many different population trends since the earlier years of the 20th century.  In 1920, the population was estimated to be about 1,253,000.  However, the population peaked around 1940 at about 3,252,000.  But, the population has gone through periods of both growth and decay since those points.

Year Population
1920 1,253,000
1930 2,114,000
1940 3,252,000
1950 1,956,000
1960 3,012,000
1970 2,980,000
1980 2,648,000
1990 2,623,000
2000 2,599,000
2005 2,629,000
2010 2,666,000

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